This ain’t no seed catalog.

Welcome to PA Vine Co. (aka PAVC). We write about wine – and other related experiences – from the sometimes backwards perpective of a place where the government still owns the retail wine business. Our goal is to share value, expand palates and help readers cash in on timely wine reviews, insights from vintners, lessons from history, travel and other industry news.

Our aim is to create an independent forum for wine writing (as well as associated food and drink topics) – news-you-can-use for the curious drinkers (and eaters) among us. Think of us as your around-the-clock bottle party: All welcome with a smile and a wink.

The Name
Did you know that Pennsylvania, land of firsts, was the birthplace of America’s wine industry? In fact, William Penn had a plot of vines located near Philly in the 1600s, and the beginnings of U.S. viticulture can be traced to the late 18th century and a Frenchman named Peter Legaux who planted a commercial vineyard near Conshohocken in Montgomery County. Legaux named his operation the Pennsylvania Vine Company, created “for the purpose of promoting the cultivation of vines.”

Pennsylvania Vine Company and Legaux shared a fascinating story fraught with historic twists, including the planting of vines from the legendary Bordeaux chateaus of Margeaux, Lafite and Haut-Brion. Read more here.

The deep roots of Pennsylvania wine and the extraordinary history of Monsieur Legaux made for an interesting, well, trellis for our site. We hope he doesn’t object to our use of creative license to cultivate a deeper appreciation of wine in the Commonwealth and beyond.

Lead Drinkers
Pennsylvania Vine Company was created by Mike Madaio and Jeff Alexander, two longtime food, drink and writing enthusiasts. Mike was the ravenous force behind Main Line Dine, a perpetual source of info for suburban Philly food-lovers, and a frequent contributor to other local publications. Jeff, formerly known as the Philadelphia Wine Examiner, has also written about grapey pursuits through his Main Line Vine blog (which has been merged into this site).

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