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One of the co-founders of Pennsylvania Vine Company, Mike is a food & drink writer based in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. His work has appeared in publications such as Edible Philly, Philly Beer Scene and Main Line Magazine, and he has achieved Core Certification from the National Wine School. Mike is obsessed with exploring Italian wines of all kinds, especially old-world-style bottles that feature savory, funky notes, achieve great balance and work well with food.

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A co-founder of Pennsylvania Vine Company, Jeff has written about wine and related pursuits through his Main Line Vine blog and, where he is also known as the Philadelphia Wine Examiner. Based outside of Philly and father of a future gourmand, Jeff is a photographer, runner and PR pro who has drained many worldwide destinations of wine, beer and spirits including Europe, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Argentina, Central America and Alaska. Bottles that hold his attention tend to emanate from the Rhone, Alsace, New York, California and, increasingly, Pennsylvania. He is a devout acidhound and will always take a glass of Riesling in a pinch.

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A lifelong Philadelphian, Frank spent four decades as an educator, coach, and curriculum specialist before teaching and writing about wine in general and the wines of Italy in particular. Annual sojourns in the land of his ancestors fuel his passion for the culture and history of its regions, not to mention restocking his cellar with obscure varietals and hard-to-find rarities. A self-described “anti- foodie”, those trips also unearth authentic culinary treasures for him and his wife to replicate at home. Frank is an avid and eclectic reader, historian, aficionado of old school jazz and techno-Luddite who views social media as a plague on society.

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A native Pennsylvanian in the process of moving from Newtown to Philadelphia, Jason has been drinking wine since it was legal for him to drink wine - and not a day sooner. He started blogging at Convicted for Grape as a way to record his questionable tasting notes and has always had a fixation on wines made from under-appreciated grapes, from unknown regions or with a lot of tannins. He also enjoys beer, whiskey and travel but can't really afford to do that third one much. While impressed with some of the Bucks County wineries he's visited, Jason is looking forward to living in a city that actually has wine bars.

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