Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre (2008)

allegrini-palazzo-della-torreI succumbed to the hype and purchased a few bottles of Allegrini’s Palazzo Della Torre (currently available in PA for $20.99) after its inclusion in the Wine Spectator Top 100 for 2011 (#60). The magazine called it “sleek, polished [and] juicy” with an “elegant and harmonious personality,” and said it was “hard to stop sipping,” giving it a rating of 90 points.

What’s even more interesting, however, is the reaction to this blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Sangiovese on CellarTracker (which I’ve been following closely since I have the wine in my own cellar). It has perhaps the most divisive, wide-ranging viewpoints and opinions that I have ever seen on CT for any one single wine.

Some examples (each quote is from a different tasting note):

“It was not really an exciting bottle of wine.”
“Non descript”
“Nice soft, fruity wine.”
“This wine is absolutely gorgeous, sexy, elegant, delicious.”

“Low tannins, slightly acidic.”
“The tannins are biting a bit too much now”
“Strong and chunky tannins are slightly overwhelming at this stage.”
“Huge amount of tannin.”

“Well made and in complete harmony.”
“I think this wine is growing through a clumsy phase right now… the tannins overwhelm the mid-palate.”
“Can’t be accused of subtlety.”
“It’s a soft, round, approachable style.”
“Plenty of acidity and not particularly tannic. Palate was quite thick and a bit jammy.”

“Big red jammy fruit. New world style all the way.”
“Not jammy”
“It seems to strike a balance between old world and new world.”
“Pleasant drinking, but light in body and flavor.”

“A bit young with grassy green tones”
“Drink up”
“Good now, but would probably benefit from a couple / few years of bottle age.”

“Another winner for the price”
“Fair QPR ($16)”
“Good value wine”
“Soft tannins. Wonderful QPR”
“Simple wine, lacks acidity, at the quality level of an $8 wine”
“A serviceable midweek drinker”
“Excellent value. Enticing nose leads to a beautiful full palate.”

Ok, you get the idea. Either there’s a TON of bottle variation on this wine, or people are clueless. Or perhaps a combination of the two.

Personally, I’m just as confused. I’ve had two bottles of this wine, and I just didn’t get it. I did find it to have very firm tannins and acidity, but the supposed juiciness didn’t help with balance. Perhaps with time, I’ll change my mind? Who knows? Certainly not CellarTracker.

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