Andrianer Kellerei Lagrein Alto Adige – Sudtirol Rubeno (2007)

One of my goals with this blog is to explore some of the rarer Italian wines and wine regions, especially from a US perspective. For me, Lagrein was a great start to this exploration. Though it is certainly not impossible to find this varietal in the US, it is not a commonly known wine, nor do all that many shops carry it.

Thus, I was super-excited to try this wine and also to share it with you, dear reader. Sadly, the wine was terrible. But I don’t think it is Lagrein that is the problem. Most likely there was a storage issue at some point, because the wine had hardly any flavor. Either way, I’ll save my more detailed exploration of Lagrein and Alto Adige until I find one that is actually worth drinking.

Tasting Notes:

Saturday, October 22, 2011 – This wine is dreadful. Aroma is basically non-existent; maybe a hint of grass. Taste has maybe a tiny note of cherry, but otherwise you might as well be drinking water. Thought maybe it was a bad bottle, but then I opened another and it was the same. Storage conditions for the lot must have been compromised.