Bacio Divino Pazzo (2007)

bacio-divino-pazzoThough I’ve exclusively covered Italian wines here, I’d also like to consider wines from other countries that are based on Italian grapes and styles. This one in particular, from the Napa winery Bacio Divino (divine kiss in Italian), is a Sangiovese-led SuperTuscan blend.

Without having drank many California-made “Italian” wines, I perhaps expected to get some of the essence of Italian terroir with a bit of big, bold American flavor mixed in, and that’s almost exactly what this wine delivered. The nose was pure Italy – mainly that fresh leather aroma that well made Sangiovese always offers. On the palate, the oak was featured, with some ripe red fruits also on display. Unfortunately for me, the oak was a little out of balance, and the tannins were a little harsh, which led to an inconsistent drinking experience.

Despite this being somewhat uneven, I’m interested to follow the development of Sangiovese in California. As Italian wines continue to gain traction in the US market, I’m sure more wineries will look to produce these wines, especially blended with Cabernet in the SuperTuscan style.

Tasting Notes:

Decanted an hour or so. Wonderful aroma; dominated by fresh leather, with earth and herbs. Honestly, the type of wine you could just smell and be happy with. Unfortunately, the taste lets you down a bit. Thought the oaky, buttery notes were a little out of balance, though I don’t particularly like those. Still, some nice ripe red fruit flavor. Decent acidity and dusty tannins make for an interesting if unbalanced finish. I enjoyed drinking this, but I won’t be rushing out to get more.


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