Two Cheap Italians

altadonna-nero-davola Here at PAVC, we often like to discuss the background behind wines, or develop some interesting angle behind a wine we are drinking. That’s all well and good, but today is just about saying hey, here are two inexpensive Italian wines on Chairman’s Selection that are solid everyday choices. Try ’em!

Carpineto Valcolomba Merlot 2012 ($11.99)
Compelling waft of mushroomy earth on the nose. Dark fruits are fresh and bright, providing good acidity (especially for a warmer-weather Merlot). Medium tannin resolves easily with just about any food. Easy drinking, hard to dislike, with enough complexity to make interesting.

Altadonna Nero d’Avola 2010 ($8.99)
Not a bad wine for less than $9. Features dark berries, with an intriguing wave of milk chocolate through the mid-palate. A touch bitter/metallic on the finish, but not enough to prevent it from being a great choice for simple weekday meals or casual entertaining. I myself grabbed a few bottles for a little gathering last weekend, and both my guests and wallet appreciated it.


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