Domaine des Malandes Cuvee Amandine Chablis 2014

I’ve been digging this bright, sleek number lately, perhaps to fight the dog-days doldrums, or maybe just because it’s darn good. Though not dirt cheap at $15, it packs enough complexity to make the price well worthwhile. Not to mention the fact that it absolutely blows the pants off the Domaine Laroche Chablis Saint Martin 2012, another system Chablis that’s just about 2x the price.

Lean and mean − but not big and bad − Domaine des Malandes Cuvee Amandine Chablis 2014 features racy fruit and a chalky, mineral-tinged finish. It’s definitely aimed at lovers of acidic, clean Chardonnay (or any white, for that matter), making it crazy-food friendly and easy to down by the bottle.

Be sure to pick up a bunch, as this baby will sing even louder come patio season.

This wine appears to be exclusive to the PLCB.

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