Domaine Du Tariquet Amplitude 2012

tariquet-amplitudeThe other day, I mentioned a frustration with Chairman’s Selections in that that they rarely carry same wine twice. It’s great to be opportunistic, but mostly tough luck when discovering something you love. Of course, just a few days later, along comes a repeat, the Domaine Du Tariquet Amplitude 2012, following the same white blend from the same domaine in 2010 (the ’09 vintage). And – get this – they’re the same price ($9.99)!

As for the wine itself, I knew nothing about it during consumption (the wine fairy stashed it in the back of the fridge), but found it to be delicious, if rather simple. The Sauvignon Blanc aromas immediately jumped out, with grassy notes and loads of citrus, but there was a tropical sweetness present that suggested a blend of some kind.

Turns out it’s a blend of Sauvignon Blanc (25%), Sémillon (25%), Ugni Blanc (25%) and Colombard (25%), the last two of which are used to make Armagnac, of which the Gascogne region is famous.

Especially considering that elusive sub-$10 price tag, I’d highly recommend this to pair with lighter meals; it’d probably be a little better in the summer, but will still drink well through the fall.

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