Domaine Paul Buecher Gewurztraminer Reserve Personelle 2011

Domaine Paul Buecher Gewurztraminer Reserve PersonelleFor readers with minimal Gewurztraminer experience, and/or those who are apt to check the Faint of Heart box on the survey, you might skip this review and opt for a more predictable Chardonnay. If you’re open to drinking on the wild side, I have a wine for you – direct from Alsace.

The PLCB is offering a parcel of Domaine Paul Buecher Gewurztraminer Reserve Personelle 2011 (spelled incorrectly on the state website, by the way) at a Chairman’s Selection price of $15.99. It’s a wonderful expression of an aromatic Alsatian white, crafted by a winery with hundreds of years of experience behind it.

After pulling the cork, the classic aroma of Old World Gewurz fills the nostrils with an intoxicating mix of floral and lush fruit notes. Following the sniff test, what struck me was the seductive mouth feel of this medium-bodied wine. Amend that. It was the potent attack of flavor. The Buecher is one intense haul that flooded my senses with spiced pear and lychee, then lingered on the palate with acidity crackling in the background like a live wire. We served our bottle with falafel but it would compliment Chinese, Indian or holiday feasts of roasted pork and dressed-up birds. 89-91

While we’re at it, let’s continue the Gewurz A Go-Go.

The Hogue Gewurztraminer 2011 is another Chairman’s Selection now available in stores. By comparison to the Buecher, it’s simpler and much more low-key in the flavor department. It has a faint aroma, minerality, low-level acidity and muted flavors of citrus and green apple that exit quickly on the finish. In a blind tasting, I’d call it out as a middle-of-the-road Riesling. Mind you, it’s not a bad effort, just a $7 party wine that no one should complain about. 83-85

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