Domaine Philippe Portier Quincy Cuvee des Victoires (2010)

Posted on by Mike Madaio

domaine-philippe-portier-quincy-cuvee-des-victoiresConsidering that PA Vine Co’s own Jeff Kralik has resided in the Loire Valley, it may be somewhat inappropriate that I am the one to write about this particular wine, but I drank it and enjoyed it, so here goes nothing. (Jeff can feel free to slam my ignorance in the comments.)

Furthermore, Sauvignon Blanc is not my favorite variety. Not that I would ever make a blanket statement that I dislike all wines of a particular variety – that’d be like saying I don’t like country music. Surely there’s a good song or two in there somewhere… but I digress. The point is, SB’s austerity can be a bit too harsh for me. I love acid, but there’s only so much cat pee, grass and minerals a guy can take.

That said, with regards to Domaine Philippe Portier Quincy Cuvee des Victoires 2010, currently on Chairman’s Selection for $12.99, I was intrigued by Wine Enthusiast’s comment that “the small appellation of Quincy … produces soft, ripe Sauvignon Blanc.” Soft and ripe? Sounds like just the ticket to align my palate with SB.

This wine did not disappoint. It was surely soft and smooth, with a great balance of juiciness and acidity. It still has aspects of that aggressive citrus angularity (one of my drinking partners commented “see, this is why I don’t like SB”), but in a harmonious way, especially when paired with grilled fish.


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