Dr. Fischer Ockfener Bockstein Kabinett Riesling 2011

dr-fischer-ockfener-bockstein-kabinett-riesling-2011So much about Riesling is sublime. By comparison, it’s hard to imagine another variety that maintains such commanding quality at low altitude prices. Even more, it’s a wine that couldn’t be easier to sip, with our without food.

Another characteristic is worth mentioning; one that’s undeniably curious. Ever notice how many Riesling producers, especially Germans, boast the title “doctor” on their labels? You might conjure Dr. Ernst Loosen. Or maybe Dr. H. Thanisch. My personal favorite is Dr. Poontinger. Yes, Poontinger. Top that, Cabernet.

There’s a doc in residence at PLCB stores – Dr. Fischer – worth calling on. In fact, this Chairman’s Selection has been offered in large quantity for many weeks and, if you’ve successfully ignored it and are considering where to spend your next $12.99, look no further. It’s not that decent Rieslings can’t be found under 15 bucks but this is a bottle that could appeal to a range of drinkers, including those who steer clear of the category for fear of über-sweetness.

Up front, the Dr. Fischer Ockfener Bockstein Kabinett Riesling 2011 brings a light touch of residual sugar that gently recedes, meaning it shouldn’t trip anyone’s syrup meter. This is a satisfying quaff with a fulfilling mouth feel that peddles lean pear-fruitiness, subtle citrus zest and some tingly acid on the finish. Although it tastes richer and more mature than its age, there’s nothing unbalanced in its presentation. When serving, try it just cooler than room temp to kick up the flavors.

Two remaining areas where Riesling nails it, screw cap closures and low alcohol levels (10% in this case), are covered by Doc Fischer. If you’re in need of a perky and satisfying start to your 2013 drinking, the doctor is in. 89-91

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