Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler Riesling Kabinett Wehlener Sonnenuhr 2012

dr-pauly-bergweiler-wehlener-sonnenuhr-riesling-kabinettHaving just debuted in PA at as a Chairman’s Selection, the Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler Riesling Kabinett Wehlener Sonnenuhr is a wine to jump on in rapid fashion. Hailing from the elevated, slate-enriched grounds of the Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyard, a well respected growing area of the Mosel region, it’s mouth filling and alive alive alive.

You might ask: Why does Germany consistently dominate the Riesling discussion? Pour a glass of this champ for the answer. In a sentence, it successfully negotiates the highwire between thick, honeyed sweetness and slashing acidic edge. But it does so much more. OK, two sentences (or is that more?).

And when I say acidity, this is the caliber of voltage that American Rieslings only fantasize of. It’s akin to your neighbor Timmy Page who plays in the local cover band, Kashmir. Just a different league.

But wait, there’s more: Full-on aromas of key lime pie, honey and, I don’t know, fresh laundry. Flavors of lime, the stuff from bees, apple and ginger. There’s concentration and complexity that could be mistaken as decadence but don’t be fooled. The Doctor is in full control, fastened hard to the rails of minerality and live-wire vibrancy.

Good lord, the acid on the finish makes me tingle. It’s just wonderful. Bottled excitement.

Throw in a Stelvin screw cap, 8% alcohol content and $18 price point, making this Kabinett damn near irresistible.

There are, technically, “better” Rieslings. This is a junior master from a strong vintage, and I encourage all – especially those still holding out on the Alpha Grape – to tap in at this level. It’s a gateway drug to greatness.

Oh, and the wine could easily be matched with a variety of foods but I defy you to resist the urge to drain the full contents unaccompanied. It’s just that good.

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