Gordon Estate Syrah 2009

gordon-estate-syrah-2009With fond memories of its Merlot sibling – featured as a springtime Chairman’s Selection – still fresh in mind, I pulled the cork on the Gordon Estate Syrah 2009, now available from the PLCB for $12.99.

In the familiar form of its predecessor, the wine unfurled, dense and splendid. Its biggish body swirled in my glass, letting off slightly muted aromas. The juice, though, is a crammed and complex concentration of flavors like tart cherry, coffee, toffee and chocolate. But wait, there’s more… including earth, leather, spicy wood, smokiness and a touch of menthol. Subtle tannins tug at the sides of the tongue at no cost to the drinker, just an underscore of the wine’s fine structure. In fact, it’s quite seductive and silky, with a lingering finish and generous acidity.

Gordon once again steps up for the grateful Pennsylvania throng with a trained yet pleasurable output that performs well above its value price tag. It’s another in a cavalcade of examples validating the high quality of Washington State viticulture. If there’s any doubt about the prowess here, home in on the blessed lack of oaky effects from barrel aging, possibly the prime emblem of a winemaker’s good sense. The fruit speaks for itself.

Getting back to that nose, it just needed some time. An hour or so out of the bottle coaxes additional aromatics for the overall experience.

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