Guasti Clemente Boschetto Vecchio Barbera d’Asti 2007

Guasti-Clemente-Boschetto-Vecchio-BarberaRegular readers will surely know my fondness for Barbera, and despite a weak battle when we last visited the Piedmont specialty, I remain enthralled with Chairman’s Selection Barberas. Not surprisingly, then, I enthusiastically picked up a bottle of Guasti Clemente Boschetto Vecchio Barbera d’Asti 2007 ($16.99), despite the fact that my antennae was slightly raised at the ’07 vintage. (Barbera is an everyday wine – i.e. drunk young – in the Piedmont, and most of the “currant vintage” Barbera stock at the LCB is 2010.) Is this a leftover wine that failed to sell when it should have? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reap the benefits.

That said, PLCB buyer Steve Pollack called this “one of the best Barbera d’Astis I have tasted,” and he’s not far off. This wine is absolutely delicious. It’s bright, fruity with a hint of roses and a nice little touch of earth on the nose. It also features that signature Barbera acidity, softened only slightly by 18 months in neutral oak, making it quite versatile with food. It’s not a particularly complex wine, but it sure is smooth. (On drinking the last drop, we found ourselves looking for more, incredulous that the bottle was kicked so quickly.)

At $16.99, it might be pricier than one would like for everyday wine, but I can easily see opening this any day of the week (even Saturday). It’s also worth noting that the stunning bottle with straw wrapping and wax seal (on the label) would make an excellent hostess gift for your next dinner party.

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