Landmark Vineyards Grand Detour Pinot Noir 2011

landmark-vineyards-grand-detour-pinot-noir-2011A current Chairman’s Selection, the Landmark Vineyards Grand Detour Pinot Noir 2011 should be considered for an investment in the newly-minted year. It’s a capable expression of Sonoma Pinot Noir from a veteran producer, fairly-priced and packed with character.

The wine’s initial impression is made from several paces away. It’s a remarkable first course of intriguing, fruit-jammed aromas that flood from the glass, a precursor to the palatal impact.

Light-to-medium bodied and potent, the wine shows structure and acidity aligned with bright flavors of strawberry, raspberry and cherry. It’s pure candy, in the best sense. Then comes the creamy middle, courtesy of 10 months in oak barrels, trailed by a baritone finish influenced by earth, bacon, bitter chocolate and a blend of herbs and spice. For added character, there’s a vegetal element, too. Not green-ness, more like a shot of V8.

Despite a 14.2% alcohol level that leans toward the immoderate, this is a fast-drinking Pinot that should charm most comers.

The PLCB’s price of $24.99 stacks up well to offers seen online, though I did find it for a couple bucks less through Last Bottle prior to Christmas. Suitable as a gift or private consumption, the richness of the Grand Detour offsets the moderate-premium pricing and reminds us that solid-to-crazy-good Pinot Noir bargains are to be found in the Commonwealth.

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