Required Reading on New PA Wine Laws

There’s been a flurry of coverage surrounding the new PA wine laws, starting with a positive PR blitz that was inevitably followed by a crowd of dissenters. Here are the key articles to read to get an overview of the changes and concerns:

Philly wine distributor Jason Malumed, who has been working with a small group of local wine professionals to introduce better laws, gave the law a scathing takedown:

“This law, as it currently stands, will not benefit anyone. Not wine distributors, who still won’t be able to offer anything close to wholesale pricing … Not holders of restaurant wine-to-go licenses…, who will now be selling wine at super-high prices and will not be able to move any kind of real volume. Not consumers, who’ll have to choose between cost and convenience.”

Malumed also sat down with NBC10’s digital team for a video interview about the above article.

Lehigh Valley’s Morning Call provided a good overview:

“The law doesn’t take effect until August, and it might take longer than that for the LCB to develop regulations and business processes to implement the complex legislation.”

Booze writer Lew Bryson took a wider look at PA liquor laws in general, well-timed to match the new law’s announcement:

“In the end, we don’t really care if the state stores are all we have, because it is all too easy to pop over the border. If Philadelphia was in the center of the state, hours from shelves full of delectable old-vine zinfandels and amazing single malts not carried by the monopoly stores, we’d have risen up and trashed the PLCB years ago.”

Lastly, shared a fun take on Philly’s historically boozy past:

“During Prohibition, [the city] had an estimated 12,000 speakeasies. And it took us 80 years to be able to buy a bottle of pinot at Whole Foods.”

Did we miss any? Post ’em in the comments below.

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