Nobilo Icon Sauvignon Blanc 2012

nobilo-icon-sauvignon-blancEvery once in a while, we encounter a wine that’s so iconoclastic it re-frames the understanding of a grape or dismantles any possible expectation. Such a wine can be vexing, primarily because its very form – the flavors, aromas and overall makeup – warp context. This could happen with a white Port, for example, or a New Zealand wine that resembles a jalapeño pepper. This is the case with the Nobilo Icon Sauvignon Blanc, now offered as a Chairman’s Selection for $12.99.

Through and through, the Icon’s presentation is unlike most of its kind from the Marlborough region, and it’s for this reason that some drinkers – likely many – would shy from such a category-buster. But this is an intriguing take on SB that you may come to find indelible.

In sum, it’s the pepper. The nose, heavy on jalapeño, is the boldest of calling cards, and the introduction to the palate serves up a heady mix of grass, tropical, citrus and pear flavors, as well as a reprise of the pepper – this time around, a Bell. It fills the mouth with its ample body and grace. The kicker is a slight dose of residual sugar to sweeten the lengthy and simply awesome finish.

This is evolved wine, and will pair well with veggies (even asparagus!), light fish and dishes with a nip of spice. Or just sip it in the warm evening and light up your senses. Go ahead. Open a little adventure.

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