Paul Dolan Vineyards Deep Red Pinot Noir 2011

paul-dolan-vineyards-deep-red-pinot-noir-2011Deep Red Pinot Noir, from Paul Dolan Vineyards, has arrived in Pennsylvania with style. Based in Mendocino County, a couple hours north of San Francisco, Dolan is an organic wine producer dedicated to farming techniques that are good for you and good for the ground. I encourage anyone interested in learning about their farming techniques and philosophy to visit the winery’s website where a detailed account can be found.

The biodynamic-focused Deep Red label was strictly the domain of a red blend prior to the introduction of the 2011 Deep Red Pinot Noir – the only offering of its kind. It’s an easy guess that creeping sales likely facilitated the PLCB’s bulk acquisition and the $15.99 Chairman’s Selection deal. But don’t hold that against it.

Predominantly pure Pinot sourced from Mendocino’s Anderson and Potter valleys, with a tiny measure of Grenache mixed in, Deep Red comes on confidently with concentrated flavors of tart cherry, strawberry, cola, earth, subtle oaky-creaminess and the slightest hint of green, with mulling spice and a plank of tannin. It stands its ground but doesn’t betray nuanced Pinot Noir-ness. Alternately put, it drinks like a Pinot (albeit a biggish one) rather than a Syrah – avoiding a rap leveled against some of the California breed. Medium bodied with acidity, a lasting finish and 13.5% alcohol content.

This is go-to cold weather food wine suited for fried chicken, fricassee and morels, glazed fish and lighter meats. Add it to the Thanksgiving table with conviction.

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