PAVC Sample Policy

PA Vine Co. accepts samples of wine, as well as books, gadgets, and other wine-related products.

For all products:

Submission of a product is not a guarantee that it will be reviewed. We typically only review items that we like, however may occasionally post reviews for items we do not like if there is interesting insight to be shared.

For wine specifically:

Because we write for the wine-consuming public, priority will be given to items that are widely available for nationwide purchase. This includes:

  • At major online retailers that ship to most states (e.g. Wine Library,, Zachys, Saratoga Wine, WTSO, etc.)
  • Wineries with liberal shipping policies
  • Major chain stores such as Total Wine, etc.
  • Via the Pennsylvania LCB, including stores, online and SLO

We tend to look for value wines in the high-premium ($10-14) and ultra-premium ($15-50) price categories.

If you choose to ship during the summer months, we will not review wine damaged by heat during shipping, but we will be happy to accept another submission once the weather has cooled.




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