Percheron Cinsault Old Vine (2011)

percheron-old-vine-cinsaultCinsault, due to its proclivity for producing large crops, is often used as a blending grape (for softness and bouquet). As such, it doesn’t get much respect and is rarely bottled as a single varietal. Having been keen on the wines of South Africa recently, however, as well as always being on the lookout for strange and unique bottles, I was drawn to this oddity.

This wine is certainly difficult to describe. Though considered a red wine, its color is rose-like, and it features a flavor profile that’s perhaps half-rose and half-red. Cinsault is known for aroma, bright red fruits and soft tannins, and this is no exception. The nose brings lots of cherries and red berries, plus hints of game and earth. Though the juicy palate shows some complexity, this wine is more about quaffability and deliciousness.

It’s a bit of a shame that this came into the CS program in the Fall, because it’d be a great Spring / Summer prospect for patio sipping. That said, it’s still worth having a few bottles around for lighter fare and nights where you just want something simple and tasty in your glass. Especially at $9.99.



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