Value Plays

Chateau-Campuget-1753-syrahHaving already shared several picks from the cadre of Fall Chairman’s Selections in the form of Italian wines and Napa Cabs, we’re not finished yet. Here, with a focus on value (nothing over $14), we highlight some other notable CS picks for your holiday season:

Vina Eguia Crianza 2008 ($8.99)
Lovers of bold Spanish reds should find this to be a nice value. Thought not a style (big and oaky) I tend to go for, I can see this selling well.

Columbia Winery Merlot 2009 ($9.99)
Straightforward Merlot, decently balanced. For $10, you could do a lot worse…

Chateau de Campuget 1753 Syrah 2010 ($9.99)
…then again, you could do better. This well-balanced wine is similar to a Cotes du Rhone. Complex nose features tobacco, caramel, cocoa, and mushrooms, while the palate brings cherry, black tea and herbs. Big tannins resolve nicely into food. Though listed as 100% Syrah, I’d have guessed a Syrah-Grenache blend. Either way, a very nice wine for the price.

Santa Julia Magna 2011 ($10.99)
A compelling blend of Cab, Malbec and Syrah (50/40/10) from Argentina, this features violets, dark fruits and well-integrated oak. Good complexity for a wine of this price category. Comes in a nice gift box too (if the boxes aren’t out on the shelf, ask if there are any in the back).

Colli Ripani Pharus Brezzolino Marche 2012 ($11.99)
A bit lighter than Pharus’ Ninfa Ripana, Passerina’s signature tropical fruits play foil to citrus, herbs and bracing salinity in this white blend. It’s a shame this was released in the fall, because it’d be killer for al fresco seafood dinners downa shore.

Chateau St. Jean Pinot Noir 2010 ($13.99)
Juicy, fresh and easy drinking. A crowd-pleaser for Thanksgiving.


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