Rocca delle Macie Campomaccione Morellino di Scansano (2008)

Rocca-delle-Macie-Campomaccione-Morellino-di-ScansanoIn the world of critique, many of us are fond of complaining that it’s easy enough to write about something that’s great, or something that’s terrible, but quite difficult to write about everything in between. What do you say about a song, or a book, or a wine that’s pretty good, but neither knocks your socks off or pisses you off?

In this particular case, with the Rocca delle Macie Campomaccione Morellino di Scansano 2008, currently available in PA for nine bucks, I’ll just say that it’s a killer value. Will it move you? Probably not, but it’s darn tasty and downright cheap. A real weeknight warrior.

Morellino – the name for Sangiovese in Scansano, a southwestern Tuscan (Maremma) town – tends to be rounder and softer than its more famous Sangio-based cousins, primarily due to the fact that it is located a few hours south of Chianti, and thus has a more moderate climate.

This one is no different, though there’s still enough acidity to pair well with a wide variety of dishes. It features bright red berries on both nose and palate, with a touch of leather. After a few hours of air, there was also a pleasant, lingering tobacco note.


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