Two for the Money

saintsbury-rose-coppo-moscatoThis Friday May 9 and Saturday May 10, several Chairman’s Selection wines will be on sale for two days only, offering even more value than the already reduced prices. We had the opportunity to taste two of them in advance, and think both are worthy, especially at the marked-down prices. Here are brief notes on each:

(BTW, if you’re reading this after the sale, fear not: both are still solid purchases at the regular CS price.)

Saintsbury Vin Gris Rose Carneros 2012 ($10.49 / $7.99 sale)
The feel-good song of the summer. It’s not a work of depth or artistic mastery (despite the “Vincent Vin Gris” label), but it is simple, fresh and will make you happy on a warm, sunny day. Strawberries lead the way alongside a touch of herbs in this straightforward, thirst-quenching quaff that’ll disappear from your glass faster than a three-minute radio ditty. Stock up this week and pour it for patio sessions all season.

Coppo Moscato d Asti Moncaliva 2011 ($9.99 / $7.99 sale)
An importer who focuses on the Piedmont region of Italy was recently telling me how Asti winemakers feel about Moscato’s explosion on the world wine scene. I believe “freaking pissed off” were his exact words. (Well, maybe not exact.) Although many more people now know about this sometimes sparkling, usually sweet wine, the problem for these old world, traditional farmers is that those picking up magnums of Barefoot for $10 are hardly likely to grab an artisan Moscato d’Asti for $18.

Well, here’s your chance, if you’ve never had the real deal, to try it at a knockoff price. Sure, it’s sweet, but it boasts an acidic backbone to match. It’s also nuanced and complex, slightly fizzy on the tongue, dosing the drinker immediately with serious pineapple and other exotic fruit flavors. Its 5.5% ABV will obviously fit well as a meal-ender, but I’m also itching to try it alongside spicy sausages fresh from the grill, almost as a stand-in for fruit as one might find in Hawaii. Mahalo.

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