Steven Kent Red Blend 2010

steven-kent-red-blendFrom the winery notes (my emphasis):

“A longtime fan of the complex aromas and flavors of Petite Sirah and Syrah, we created this blend exclusively for the State of Pennsylvania to showcase the bounty of the Livermore Valley and Arroyo Seco appellations and the pure hedonistic deliciousness of these two grapes.”

Regular readers of PAVC will no doubt be familiar with our inherent skepticism of any and all Chairman’s Selection wines, but one created exclusively for Pennsylvania sets off all kinds of alarms. What’s in it for the winery? If they really were committed to showcasing “the pure hedonistic deliciousness of these two grapes,” wouldn’t they want to share that with the world? What, as Pennsylvanians, have we done so right to afford us this unique and rare pleasure?

Is this an example of those rumored LCB strong-arms, forcing a winery into giving them a price on a wine that the winery would never agree to otherwise? If they made this exclusively for PA, how did they come up with the regular price ($25.00) and the supposed $10.01 savings? It all has me scratching my head.

I did actually taste the Steven Kent Red Blend ($14.99) before I read about the exclusivity, less you think that this colored my opinon. That said, I still did not particularly care for it. There was some nice game and warm spice notes, and decent acidity, but the darn thing was a little bit too grape juicy. (Kinda reminded me of a bad Barbera.) You can do better for the price, in PA or elsewhere.

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