Tipsy landscaping: Wine bottle pathway

By no means an original – my wife and I snatched this idea from somewhere, probably the San Juans – here’s a rewarding and eco-friendly home improvement project to consider. If you’re in need of a more attractive pathway between A to B on your property, read on. Requirements? Glass, stone and some sweat.

To prepare for my project, I’ve been inconsistently collecting spent wine bottles for some months now, stacking them beside our shed. As the weather began to break, I started the task of folding the dead soldiers into the rocky earth. I use a pickaxe to create a narrow trough, about 10 inches deep – or just short of the length of a common bottle. Sometimes the ground is so crammed with rock that I have to compromise the vessel, smashing the neck (or more) off and fitting it into the crease to the point where two or so inches of the bottle butt protrudes. I reapply the dirt and wedge in some medium-sized stones between each set of bottles for added stability. Then, it’s on to the next head-first burial.

They all go in – different sizes, shapes and colors – though I haven’t included any magnum glass. Not that we consume magnums at my house…

Once the path’s borders are established to my liking, I fill in the middle with a good couple inches of river gravel.

I’ve nearly completed our modest pathway and I’m enjoying the results. So far I’ve used 110 recycled bottles (stretching along about 25 feet of pathway) and I figure I have 40 to go. Further incentive to sample more wine.

Do you reuse old bottles?

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