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It’s that time of year – when we all fabricate our year-end lists. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, we put together our list of favorite posts from 2013. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

First, 5 from Jeff:

Soul Searching in Long Island Wine Country
This was my most satisfying project of the year, even though it was a crushing amount of work and probably took a year off my life. The skills and dedication of the characters making wine on Long Island remind me of the high value of “community” for an industry – something PA producers are trying to achieve.

Serious Wine with Notes of Mineral, Youth
Spending time with Gino Razzi makes me smile. He fills the room (or vineyard) with humor and wisdom and, during this visit, he proved that old dogs can learn new tricks. (I hope he takes that the right way.)

Domaine Chante Cigale Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc 2011
Every so often, a Chairman’s Selection is truly special. This elusive white CdP was just that. At 20 bucks, it was at once boldly modern and ancient. Maybe even life-affirming.

A Visit to J. Maki Winery
This one felt a little like a public service. It’s gotten a fair amount of attention since we posted it, likely because it was written with care and bald truth. We’re not in the practice of putting anyone down, but felt the experience needed to be relayed.

Too Much Of A Good Thing?
“Honey, I think this baby’s diaper is corked.” What else needs to be said?

Then 5 from Mike:

Lovely Lagrein
This was my favorite article to write, mainly because it allowed me to dig into a very specific, somewhat rare varietal and get to know it on a deeper level. I hope it inspires you to try something new.

Pairing Pesto
I love the idea of focusing on food pairings that aren’t always the most obvious, especially foods that we eat on a regular basis. Hopefully this’ll be the first of many along those lines.

The Heat is On
“Cooked” wine is probably my biggest wine pet peeve, specifically the fact that the industry does not do enough to address it. The only way that’ll change is if we the consumers refuse to stand for it. Here’s hoping this piece helped, even just a bit.

Pecci Celestino Brunello di Montalcino 2008
Although a bit pricier than our typical picks, this one allowed me to ponder my family tree while enjoying a favorite variety. Talk about life-affirming.

Of Old-School Primitivo and Making My Day
A rare moment of serious wine introspection from Frank yields even more serious wisdom.

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