I recently ordered some wine from Galen Glen Winery in Andreas, PA. For anyone unfamiliar — to put it simply, get familiar. These guys are consistently producing some of the best wines in the state, and always offer them at reasonable prices.

Shipping costs for online orders are reasonable as well — especially with a case discount. It does drive me crazy that the website neither displays the shipping cost before it requires all the shipping and billing information, nor helps customers discover what shipping configurations (i.e. how many bottles) are the most efficient, but that’s another conversation for another time.

Anyway, to the wines…

Galen Glen Grüner Veltliner 2019 ($17)

Year in and year out, this provides incredible quality for price, and remains the torch-bearer for PA Grüner. A must try.

Galen Glen Grüner Veltliner Stone Cellar 2019 ($22)

More intense than Vinology Grüner, both fruit on nose and minerality. Lovely stuff. Would be interesting to see with some age.

Galen Glen Vinology Chardonnay 2019 ($14)

According to GG’s Sarah Troxell, after years of requests for Chardonnay, they decided to make one. (This makes me sad because their GV and Riesling are so great, but I also get that not everyone understand this.) The first vintage was PA-grown, but the quality was not there. For this (2nd) vintage, they brought in grapes from Washington State, and have produced a lovely, balanced wine. It’s juicy, fresh and delicious, and an absolute bargain for the price. They hope to move to PA grapes in future vintages.

Galen Glen Riesling bottle
via Galen Glen

Galen Glen Riesling Vinology Fossil Vineyard 2019 ($17)

More floral and fruity than what I might expect from a German Riesling, featuring potent stone and pome fruit, yet still lovely acidity on the finish. Another excellent effort.

Galen Glen Riesling Stone Cellar 2019 ($22)

More austere and savory than the fossil vineyard, and thus more old worldish (which I prefer). Clean, with big acid. Perhaps a touch tight at the moment, but a top quality east coast Riesling nonetheless.

Galen Glen Red German Bastards 2019 ($20)

I adore this wine! Named for the 3 grapes — Cabernet Dorsa, Zweigelt & Blaufränkisch — the GG team hates to grow but loves to drink, it really does seem like an Austrian or German red: bright juicy notes, dark florals, big acid. Though perhaps not for those who prefer rich California reds, open minds will find it a simply perfect pairing for pork and autumn.

Galen Glen Merlot 2018 ($18)

Like the Chardonnay, grapes are brought in from outside PA for this wine (for likely the same reason). Honestly, it was my least favorite of the bunch: it’s fine and certainly drinkable, but I am not excited about it like with the Bastards.